Mississauga Townhouses

Townhouse – Townhomes are characterized by the fact that the house will share a common wall with at least one, and in most cases, two neighbours.  These types of homes may not have a fully fenced in backyard, and they may not have a private driveway or garage.  The parking or main garage may be located in a parking lot which may be above or below ground. Some townhomes can be freehold, but most are not.

In a freehold townhouse, there no condo fees to be paid.  The owner is responsible for all of the maintenance on and in the property, however general rules still may apply as to what you can and cannot do on the outside.  So, if painting the garage door pink with yellow polka dots is what you like, you may want to check the townhouse rules before you paint or buy.

In a non-freehold townhouse, there are condo fees to be paid which cover maintenance of common grounds, such as snow removal, gardening, and in some cases roofs and windows. 


–        These homes tend to be more affordable than semi-detached or detached homes

–        Non Freehold homes may have slightly less maintenance requirements such as lawn care which may be taken care of by the condo corporation

–        These homes still typically offer some backyard space but may not be fully fenced in


–        Non Freehold homes have maintenance fees

–        Smaller backyard space, backyard may not be fenced in, and neighbours on both sides

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