Mississauga Home Guide


Congratulations!  You have made the decision to become a homeowner.   Before you can settle into your new place, there are a few steps that you must take to ensure that you are buying the property that is perfect for you.

To begin your search, determine what it is that you are looking for – this will help you narrow your search.  Without having a clear idea of what you are looking for your search will quickly become overwhelming, frustrating and fruitless.  To help you determine what your perfect home should look like, consider the following:

  •         What type of home would you like?
  •         How big of a home do you need?
  •         Do you have a large family that needs space and pets that need a backyard?
  •         How many bedrooms do you need to feel comfortable?
  •         Along with the bedrooms, what is the minimum number of bathrooms that you would need?
  •         Are you looking for a simple place to sleep, or do you love to entertain and would love a big kitchen, and lots of place to host parties?
  •         Do you need a garage – how big?  Is just a parking space enough?
  •         Are you afraid of heights or elevators?
  •         Do you prefer to maintain your home all on your own, or do you prefer to have someone take care of certain common elements such as window repairs, snow removal, gardening etc.?
  •         What nearby amenities are crucial to you? Do you need to be near a bus route, a school, grocery or drug store, specific highway or a train?
  •         What are you comfortable paying?

In each of the above cases determine if those are a need, or a want.


The next several sections will look at some of those factors in more detail.  However, before you proceed, give your needs and wants some thought and write them down.  As you continue reading have your list handy and refer and add to it as you see necessary.


Part 1: Types of Homes

  •         Detached House
  •         Semi – Detached House
  •         Townhouse
  •         Condominium
  •         Co-ops

Part 2: Financial Considerations Homes

  •         How much will it really cost?
  •         How much can I afford?
  •         Mortgage Pre-Approval
  •         Mortgage Brokers

Part 3: Let’s Get Started

  •         Realtors
  •         Let’s find your dream home!

Please keep in mind that the information provided is general in nature.  It is meant to help you through the process of finding the perfect home, but should not be considered exhaustive as each situation is unique and all factors cannot be covered in one document.

As a realtor, I can provide you with valuable advice and suggestions.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Together we will find your perfect home.

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