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Mississauga Detached Homes

The following are descriptions of some of the most common type of homes.  Each is unique and depending on your needs, you may prefer one over another.

Detached House – Detached homes are characterized by the fact that the house will stand freely and is not  attached to any of the surrounding homes.  This type of home usually has a private backyard and driveway.  This type of home may have a private garage. 


–        You can decide when and how much is spend on maintenance and upgrades.

–        You own the land and typically have a larger backyard than with any other type of home.

–        Generally, you decide what you do with the house, for instance no one can tell you that you can’t paint the garage door pink with yellow polka dots, or plant rosebushes in your backyard.


–        As the owner you are responsible for all of the maintenance and upkeep that is required for the home.   This includes, but is not limited to, mowing the lawn, shovelling the driveway, replacement of windows, furnaces, air conditioners, roof etc.

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