There often comes a point in people’s lives when they realize that the home they have been living in is now too big for their current needs. This is common in families whose kids have all grown up and moved out, leaving behind empty and unused bedrooms. Larger houses also require greater maintenance, such as lawn mowing by the husband and cleaning by the wife, which not only becomes more tedious with older age but also becomes harder without the former help from their children. If the couple eventually decides to take a break and go on vacation, leaving their large house will require greater preparation and result with greater concerns throughout their trip. Especially now in the winter months, some concerns may include: the layer of snow on the un-shoveled driveway hardening into ice, the pipes freezing over in the bitter cold, or even the roof collapsing under heavy snowfall. However, above all, the predominant reason to switching to a smaller household is that a large house is simply no longer necessary for the family. It is for these reasons that many people make the decision of moving out of their large homes and into much smaller condos. Perhaps you find yourself in a similar position now or are thinking of downsizing in the future, or maybe you know of other people who could make their lives more comfortable by downsizing. If so, then here are some useful tips to ease the transition from a large house to a small condo:

1) Since you will be moving into a smaller living area, there will be many belongings that you will not be taking with you. To help you decide what is most important, compile a list of the items that you want/need and those that you do not. After you have created this list, you can then sort these items into boxes and label them accordingly. Once this is complete, you will clearly know which boxes you will be taking with you and which you can get rid of.

Tip: rather than simply throwing away the boxes of items that you do not need, consider donating them to charity such as Goodwill or others. You may also consider putting up certain items for sale on Kijiji or by having a garage sale in order to make some additional profit.

2) After many of these items have now been neatly packed away in boxes, you can now begin to host open houses. The house has less clutter, looks neater, and is easier to clean. As a result, it will be much easier for you to sell your home because it will appear much more attractive to the buyer.

Tip: remember that a messy and unorganized home is always difficult to sell. Now that you have packed away all the useless clutter, you can now begin to organize and decorate the house with the items you have left so that it looks presentable and inviting.

3) There are also items in your home that you simply will not be able to store away in boxes, such as your furniture. However, you must still decide which you will be taking with you and which you will not. You must remember that you will not be able to fit all your furniture into the smaller condo. You may find it useful to sketch out the layout of your new condo along with its measurements, and draw in how you would like to decorate it and arrange your furniture. Those that you simply cannot fit in, or those that simply will not add to the décor, are those that you will not be taking with you.

Tip: keep in mind that, similarly to the other stuff you decided to get rid of, your furniture can be donated or sold for a nice profit as well. The money that you make off of the items that you need but that are too big, such as your large dining room table set, can be invested into buying a smaller one.

Right now, you may be worried about all the items you will have to get rid of by moving into your small condo – as well as all the things you will not be able to buy in the future given the limited space. As you will discover, you will actually appreciate this feature of a small living space. You will no longer accumulate useless household items and hold onto those you really need, which will result in less clutter, less cleaning, less fixing, and an overall more comfortable and happy lifestyle!

As stressful as this process may appear at first, it is highly rewarding. It is for this reason that many people decide to make the transition. The family can now enjoy luxury living given the greater amount of time, money, and energy they have to devote to the activities that they love.

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