Central Erin Mills Mississauga House Price In Third Quarter 2019

Central Erin Mills Mississauga House Price In 3-rd Quarter 2019

Central Erin Mills 2018 2017 Difference
House sale 90 92 -2.2%
Homes Average Price $750,116 $693,827 8.11%
New Listings 157 174 -10%
Active Listings 68 69 -1.45%
% of Sales Price to Listing Price 97 98 -1.03%
Days on Market 24 19 20.83%

In comparison to the third quarter of the previous year, there have been some notable changes on the housing market in Central Erin Mills. This includes the continued increase in sales and average price of homes. In particular, house sales have demonstrated a 28.9% difference from 90 in 2018 to 116 in 2019, as well as a 4.16% increase in price from $750,116 to $781,305 between 2018 and 2019.  Furthermore, there is 1.02% percent increase in sales price to listing price from 97% in 2018 to 98% this year.

In relation to house sales and prices, there has also been a noteworthy difference in both new and active listings in the 3-rd quarter between 2018 and 2019. In 2018, the number of new listings in Central Erin Mills was 157 whereas the number of active listings was 68. In 2019, there were now 172 new listings and 58 active listings. This corresponds to a 10% difference in new listings and 14.71% difference in active listings between 2018 and 2019.

The interplay of these factors then influenced the average number of days a house spent on the market, which decreased from 24 days in 2018 to 19 days in 2019. This difference therefore represents a 26.32% increase in the third quarters of both these years.

Evidently, the real estate market is dynamic and there are more changes to be expected as we move into 2020. If you are looking to buy or sell this year, please contact me to gain a better understanding of your current position as well as your future options. I can help you make the right choices as you move forward with your decision.

Central Erin Mills average house price in 3-rd Quarter 2019 is $781,305 but if you made renovation your house market value is higher. For more information please contact:

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